What is the golden rule of dating

Anyone who has experienced modern dating - i.e. dating since the advent of online dating - has likely experienced some dreaded form of.
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If you love God, then you believe that you are valuable and worthy of being His child. In turn, you will have this confidence and belief that you only deserve the best, because God will only give you the best.

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On the other hand, if you are fixated on the mere idea of dating for a romantic connection, then you are not prioritizing your best interests. You must realize that you cannot do this alone. Apart from getting strength from God, you will not achieve your dating goals without the support of your Christian friends. These are people who do not only have your best interest at heart, but they are the ones who will say it like it really is. True friends will not beat around the bush if they think that something is wrong with your relationship.

Since they love God first, their primary obligation is to help you and as they are - hopefully - not in love with the same person you are, they can be more objective. In this verse alone, you can trust that your friends will only want what is best for you and your relationship.

3 golden rules to remember when finding love on dating sites

As a result, this is pushing you away from time with God and your church community. Thus, you must lean on these people who will not be afraid to tell you what God wants you to hear and pull you back when they feel you are wandering away. Rounding it up, what do you think is your golden rule? Is it to always put God first?

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Golden Rule of Online Dating

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Golden Rules of Online Dating

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What is the golden rule of dating

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